While recently listening to BTL, noted historian Ken Duke was on with Matt with some interesting stats for those of you in the Bass fishing world. I hope you enjoy, compare to more main stream sports and give them an honest thought.

Quite a few guys have gone back to back in 50 plus years. But here is some of note.

The last to do it was Edwin Evers in 2015, so while historically it happens it has been awhile.

Roland Martin and KVD have won three in a row.

A real fun one for me was Bill Dance who in 1968, 69 and 70 won back to back in each of those seasons. You likely will not see that again.

In 1998 The Great Denny Brauer went 1st, 1st , 87th, 1st , 1st. How is that for a dominating stretch?

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