Screw her. While I think it is kind of bs to hold her this long, the reality is this. She knew she was breaking the law, whether you think it is a just law or not in todays day and age. Keep in mind this , she was totally anti American for a long time. She wanted no part of the National Anthem being played before games, she knelt and disrespected the greatest country in the world. Now she is a dope using , prisoner in a foreign land asking for help from the very same country she was so opposed to not to long ago. The world does not work like that. At least not under ShaunCare. My solution to all this ? Screw kneelers and the far extreme on both sides of the aisle. Let her dumb ass enjoy the Russian labor camp. If she makes it out in 10 years, then maybe she will have an appreciation for what a great country this is.

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