The last few seasons, I have laid out a few goals, simply for my fishing. Think of them as concentration points. For example in 2019 it was the year of the worm. Well as we know I am known for the damn thing right now.

2020 was going to be more offshore with a Carolina Rig and a Football Jig. I did not do as much about this as I should have but in a kayak I also came to some realizations. One being what makes me a good worm fisherman is being a surgeon. I cannot cover as much water as a boater so I need to find an area and work it over with precision, like a vacuum cleaner if you will.

2021 was set aside for more of a mid depth approach. I did this well but by late May I got a job and then my fishing as a whole dramatically slowed. I did good with this, but hard to honestly assess.

2022 will be two fold. I think I have pushed so much with the worm at times it became a detriment. That is not going to happen this year. This year I will still throw it but not at the 95 plus percentage. I need to get back to winding some. That will be a number of baits but mostly a spinnerbait and a chatterbait. The 2nd part of this is pieces form the previous two seasons, I will not nec. go offshore but I will work the mid depth hard not only with a worm but with a Carolina Rig and Football Jig.

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