I did not get to watch or listen much because I was at NASCAR all day. But here are a few things I am aware of. Arkansas despite the loss is real. In a game of streaks up 14, then 23 un answered, then a score and a missed go ahead fg late in the game that likely would have won it.

TAMU will likely move up in the polls but who are they ? Are they the team that almost got beat tonight ? Are they the team that beat Miami, , who incidentally lost tonight also ? A team that could have easily lost to Miami a week ago ? Are they the team that got beat by App State ? at 3 and 1, I still think they are a 18 seed.

TCU deservers to be in the Top 25/

OU got beat by KSU tonight and the thing is they will only drop to 13 I bet.

Do not jump off the Hurricane train yet. Tonight was awful, they caught the Aggies when they had a chip on their shoulder. I honestly believe if you are a Hurricane fan, you would have been better off if the Aggies beat App State.

Who is Texas ? While I am sure they are out after today, are they the team that scared Alabama or the team that likely overlooked Texas Tech ? The answer is on the wrong side of in between. While I think they can continue to win, I do not have much confidence in them other than the D has played 3 good games. They could end up with a good record this year and yet have to fight for every win.

At 4-0 are we finally seeing the Chip Kelly led UCLA team we thought we would get a couple seasons ago before covid turned the world on it’s ear ? Did I expect more by now ? Hell Yes. Did covid screw that up and I need to recalibrate ? Yes that is fair to say.

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