This , if it goes through as planned is a good move for everyone involved. Why?

Here is why. While the SEC is one of the cockiest conferences around, out side of Florida, there is nothing really special about their recruits. Yes they get a lot of home state kids, and they play hard, but everyone knows the best football players are from Texas , Florida and California. While the Aggies will only recruit a couple kids from West schools, it’s in the entire West’s interest to get their asses down here and enjoy our fertile grounds. TAMU is not the football school it once was , and despite thinking Mike Sherman is not all that, they are on the right track. Tenn is in a bad place right now and Arkansas is in the rise. Yes you will have to fork over money to the Aggies, in return you get the Houston, DFW and SA tv markets. Any of which are bigger than most if the entire states of SEC schools. Yes the Aggies will take some lumps but this is a goodmove for everyone involved. The Big 12 is going down , Texas almost sunk them last year and Nebraska sure as hell dented them.

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