Does A&M have buyer’s remorse? They are in so deep they can get out.
I do not say this often but A&M and Miami both NEEDED this win. I do not mean need like you have to get a bowl game etc. I mean deep down in your programs soul you need this to know who you are, let America know you’re still here, and you’re building back to relevance. Miami met this definition to the hilt. Now for A&M you needed this win for different reasons. 1. To relieve pressure for Jimbo Fisher. 2. To show you can actually develop and win with the overwhelming talent you have. I’m sure the Aggies were a favorite, you have probably the best OC in the game, but damn, you have to do it on the gridiron. I won’t say Miami is back but they are legit on the right road.

Colorado you won again, as predicted after week one. You must protect to the qb, seven sacks cannot happen again. I suspect this time next week you will be 3-0.

Baylor, I’m not a fan of what I’m about to do. But you are 0-6 dating back to last season.
Texas, I’m certainly not prepared to say you are back, in a lot of ways I feel about you as I feel about the SEC, lots of artificial inflation. That being said you were 10 point dogs on the road at night and played very well, you played good enough in my eyes, that you play them the next 3 weeks you win all three.

Oklahoma State,for my pal Nick you won.

I find it very amusing that a conference that swears it is so much better than everyone, has had 2 of its best three already with losses, plus two additional losses to the ACC.

Washington State and Oregon State, you’re both better than I thought.

Rice, Congratulations on your win over your rival, Houston.

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