Slow week on the gridiron and this will be a shorter column consequently.
BYU, you are 3-0 and beat Arkansas on the road in Fayetteville. Good Job.

The biggest upset of the week had to be what pains me to say a bad Florida Gators team beating a top tier Tennessee team.

Oklahoma State, you disgust me. U of South Alabama, congrats you went on the road and beat the hell out of them.

Alabama did not look good. I am not ready to say the dynasty is over, but I am prepared to say that Alabama needs a quarterback and some guts.

Kansas State lost but it was on a 61 yard field goal.

FSU almost lost, they better get it together.

Good job Duke and North Carolina. You do not hear that often outside of basketball season.

Colorado vs. CSU has been the most talked about game of the week. Amusing for an instate rivalry Deion has definitely brought star power to Boulder. Two and 0 headed into tonight and honestly those were both games I thought they would lose. They fought back and got a W in double overtime. At this time in two weeks I suspect they will be 3-2.

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