I have been really busy the last few weeks, and I apologize.

My Texas Rangers won a World Series. Wonderful job that started the day they dumped that bum Jon Daniels. This never happens had he not been fired, remember that.

Best of luck to my great friends Nick and Paige, as they start new careers in Florida. You’d be hard to find finer people or bigger sports fans than these two.

Oklahoma State football, you are Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde

TCU, you make me cry.

Jimbo Fisher is walking away with a lot of money thanks to the worst sports contract in college football history. I agree that the next hire doesn’t need to blow your hair back, it simply needs to be solid and fiscally responsible. My personal hope is Lane Kiffin, but that would be the opposite of blow your hair back and fiscally responsible. But do I think he would be worth it ? Yes

Arkansas, you likely wil fire Sam Pittman but remember this. You could not get anyone worth having, that’s how you got Sam. What have you done to suggest this go around will be better ?

Colorado, you were a National story 11 weeks ago, now you are a national disgrace. You must get much better on the offensive line and get depth everywhere. The Deion rumors to College Station are ridiculous. We still do not know is he a coach or influencer.

The fishing workd has been turned on it’s ear and we will discuss in an upcoming post.

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