I was not a fan of moving the race to March, I was not a fan of making it on a Sunday, and living in Texas, I miss our June night race. Now I wake up this morning to a text from Nick The Franchise Rogers that for 2024 Texas has lost the race entirely. I suspect some of this may be scheduling. My hunch is NASCAR is moving to a spring race in Texas, but we will see. This being said there is no reason to not bring back the night race on another date.

College Football

Now this almost exclusively based on scores. I was at the race and saw very few snaps. The better games played while I enjoyed the race.
Oklahoma State, there are only a couple games on the schedule, that I believe you can win. It may be time to drop to Division 2.
Michigan, you really have yet to be tested.

I’m tired of the Texas is back talk. I do not really remember them being an “it” team for any real stretch. I think a lot of , like the SEC is a rabid fanbase that makes them bigger than they ever were.

LSU won in the final seconds over an unranked Arkansas at home at night. I’m beginning to wonder if LSU is as good as we thought.

TCU won the for now last installment of the Iron Bowl.

I expected Colorado to lose but by less than 21. I missed on that. Offensive Line still needs a lot of work. I find it fascinating that 3 of their 4 games had 21 point spreads. 2 were very close , one was a massive blowout. That tells me even Las Vegas is unsure of what they got.

Michigan has not played anyone , walking to a 4-0. Problem is we do not know what they have under the hood.


I went to the Xfinity race on Saturday and throughly enjoyed. It was long and hot. NASCAR has to give serious thought to a spring race, or an evening race. 100 degrees and aluminum grandstands do not put bottoms in seats.


While I am not a fan, a 70 point day for the Dolphins and surprise loss to Arizona for the Cowboys caught my eye.

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