I have been really busy the last few weeks, and I apologize. My Texas Rangers won a World Series. Wonderful job that started the day they dumped that bum Jon Daniels. This never happens had he not been fired, remember that. Best of luck to my great friends Nick and Paige, as they start new […]

I spent a lot of time fishing this weekend and did not even get to listen to many games, so todays recap will be a little different. TCU you lost big and make me sad. Fairly and balanced , Nick Rogers pointed out to me I have not been very nice to Oklahoma State and […]

As I type this UCLA is at halftime. Their QB has thrown 5 picks in the last four quarters.As a college head coach Chip Kelly is 0-14 if his team doesn’t rush for 125 yards. Oklahoma State gets the award for most unusual score today with a 39-32 regulation score. My Horned Frogs won big […]

Former PGA Tour and Champion’s tour golfer Andy Bean died today from complications related to a double lung transplant. While his wins on the PGA were before I was involved in the game, his three Senior/ Champion wins were not. He won 11 times on the big tour including the Byron Nelson in 1986 and […]

This is brief since I fished and celebrated my birthday all weekend. LSU, I do not think you should be ranked in the morning. 3-2. Both losses to ranked teams, wins against Grambling, MSU and Arkansas. Arkansas was a last second win at home, so you can just as easily having a losing record as […]

IndyCar.I was not a fan of moving the race to March, I was not a fan of making it on a Sunday, and living in Texas, I miss our June night race. Now I wake up this morning to a text from Nick The Franchise Rogers that for 2024 Texas has lost the race entirely. […]

Slow week on the gridiron and this will be a shorter column consequently. BYU, you are 3-0 and beat Arkansas on the road in Fayetteville. Good Job. The biggest upset of the week had to be what pains me to say a bad Florida Gators team beating a top tier Tennessee team. Oklahoma State, you […]

Let’s take a look a look at how some of my guys previewed panned out. Seth Feider and Jason Christie were two of our first guys to check out. Seth is out and Jason is in. Both were inside the cut when this started. 2 time champion Hank Cherry was out and is now in. […]

Does A&M have buyer’s remorse? They are in so deep they can get out. I do not say this often but A&M and Miami both NEEDED this win. I do not mean need like you have to get a bowl game etc. I mean deep down in your programs soul you need this to know […]

Don’t look now but for a conference folding faster than a lawn chair, the PAC 12 is now 13-0.