Here is some interesting arguments on both sides. Only you as a individual can decide. The Case for… Quite simply a cliche’ but lots of truth for it. “You can either hit the curve ball or you cannot. ” Free Agency consistently depletes the team of some of their best talent along with valuable backups. [...]

LSU vs. Oklahoma intrigues me, My take is LSU you wins, they are playing all world right now, and I believe they will win it all. Clemson and Ohio State, neither one of them got dealt a favor with this match up but this is why you play the game. Ole’ Miss made a big [...]

I have written about this a lot through the years, and I still hate it. When you do not take a conference champion you Wisconsin is a good example this season. They were ranked ahead of Penn State, they played in the conference championship and lost. Now Penn State who did not even win their [...]

Charlie Strong was fired this morning from South Florida after going 21-16 in three seasons. Yes he had an 11-14 record the last two, but how crazy have things gotten when you are freaking SOUTH FLORIDA and you move a coach with a winning record ? Earlier this year, while I thought he probably needed [...]

Here is a Top 10 list, but keep in mind a couple of things, first this is not a ranking, it simply me arbitrarily thinking of 10 Bass Universities that either I watched a lot or had a big impact on my 2019. Also please keep in mind I tried to lean towards newer or [...]

For those of you that enjoy fishing history, especially bass fishing history. the last two Wednesdays have been good to you. has started what we can only hope will be an annual thing called Legends Month from Mid Nov. until Mid November they are having shows with Legends of the Sport. Giants of the [...]

This is a fair question. Now am I saying he should be on the hot seat ? It should warm, but under no way am I saying fire etc. I am simply asking a legitimate question. He went 7-6 in year one. That is plenty fair if not good. Things were on the way down, [...]

I have gone through this in my head plenty. What would I say ? What would I forget ? Does anyone give a damn ? ( They damn sure better.) Fishing for me is very personal. I am a people person but as I grow older I am perfectly content more and more every day [...]

This will be brief and probably updated tomorrow, but look at this post as a news and notes. Which team is Texas ? Are they A. in week two they play LSU tough and week 6 play OU tough. or are they B. A team that beat Kansas on a last second field goal then [...]

Well after being on again off again, it is complete and has been for a week and a half or so. I have listened to some podcasts on it, I have read a few press releases and I have read some general fishing forums. Reaction seems to be all over the place. Many people including [...]