I knew of him, had seen two old shows and a short podcast or two but had never met him. But on August 23rd, I will be fishing with The Legend, Harold Allen. Stay tuned for my journey …

Talking about the Texas Rig Worm is a big passion of mine as you know. Here I am a week ago with Hall of Famer Roland Martin and Saturday with Hall of Famer Jay Yelas on the greatness of the Texas Rigged Worm.

With the start of Bassmaster and Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit this week I thought I would mention some interesting stories to watch and see how they unfold. John Cox fishing all three series. This is a lot of casts, a lot of wear and tear on yourself and will absolutely test your mental toughness concentrating […]

Fish are slowly working their way shallow over the last couple of weeks here in Texas, Right now they are still in a 16′ or deeper range. These are not in a set order but a few of my favorites include … 1. A spinnerbait. The one bait that is making a comeback the last […]

Worming has been good to me the last few months.

I have been laid off so I have been fishing every day. I love it. Sad that I have to go back to work soon.

I have not been on here in awhile. Probably mostly because it is sports driven and partly just that life has gotten in the way. So first a few updates on me followed by some of my award winning journalism. Two weeks ago I was put on furlough. What is that ? in a nut […]

This Friday starts one of my new enjoyments watching the Bassmaster Classic. This is the 50th edition and even though lots of my favorites have left, I am still looking forward to it and supporting the guys that stayed or that are new. The handful that I was be pulling for the most in no […]

We here at Burgerboy.net will find it really amusing if during tonight’s Super Tuesday that Mayor Pete beats Warren or Biden in any of the states based on early voting. This would really amuse us.