For those of you that enjoy fishing history, especially bass fishing history. the last two Wednesdays have been good to you. has started what we can only hope will be an annual thing called Legends Month from Mid Nov. until Mid November they are having shows with Legends of the Sport. Giants of the [...]

This is a fair question. Now am I saying he should be on the hot seat ? It should warm, but under no way am I saying fire etc. I am simply asking a legitimate question. He went 7-6 in year one. That is plenty fair if not good. Things were on the way down, [...]

I have gone through this in my head plenty. What would I say ? What would I forget ? Does anyone give a damn ? ( They damn sure better.) Fishing for me is very personal. I am a people person but as I grow older I am perfectly content more and more every day [...]

This will be brief and probably updated tomorrow, but look at this post as a news and notes. Which team is Texas ? Are they A. in week two they play LSU tough and week 6 play OU tough. or are they B. A team that beat Kansas on a last second field goal then [...]

Well after being on again off again, it is complete and has been for a week and a half or so. I have listened to some podcasts on it, I have read a few press releases and I have read some general fishing forums. Reaction seems to be all over the place. Many people including [...]

Saturday the 12th. You would have thought with the front moving in the previous days the fishing would have been horrible. Well guess what I thought it would be to and it was not. I killed it on a Ned Rig. My worm of choice was the Zman TRD in PB &J. 15 in 3 [...]

I lost my draft of this from last night, so in brief , until I have time to replace just know. It is not as bad as people take it, This team is built to feast on bad teams and lose to good ones. Yes you lost to the Jets, but over all you are [...]

The 2019 Bass Hall of Fame induction was last week, and it had great inductees. Of the three living I have been lucky to meet and visit with all three. Congrats to Mark Davis , David Fritts and Davy Hite. I am happy for you guys.

Well they are finally here and the Burgerboy has you covered. I am going to be brief but here is the facts. The Houston Astros will win, and probably over the Los Angeles Dodgers. I am not sure I would want to be Dave Roberts by the months end because 3 trips with no title [...]

Bass University has posted the latest Jeff Kriet video, this one is on Suspended Bass. Those of you that know me, know what a huge fan I am of Jeff’s classes. You learn a a lot and I mean a hell of a lot on the topics , delivered with real life examples and humor. [...]