I never, ever thought I would see the day where Northwestern would fire coaches for abuses of powers, hazing etc. Yes I think they hold themselves to a much higher standard than most schools, especially your SEC types, but I honestly did not think you would ever have “rule benders” there.

Did you know that at 0-4 , it is only the fourth time in Lakers franchise history they have gone this far without a win. As of last weekend Tenn. was 52 of 55 in the red zone with 44 touchdowns.

So as many of you know I am in the shipping industry. So because of this my last 30 plus days have been a blur since my last post. Here are some of my observations on the changes I was so interested in watching. Deion, this whole thing fascinates me from a people watching perspective. […]

By next Sunday or Monday the heads will start rolling. Some will know it is coming, some may be surprised, some may leave for “Greener ” pastures, opening up mid tier jobs. Lots of questions on the horizon , while not as out of control as last season, let’s look at some stories. Will Lane […]

As reported earlier this month, one of my all time favorites, Fishing Legend Larry “The General ” Nixon will be back at BASS this season, and I am not along in the camp of being happy as hell about it. For 12 seasons between 1977 and 1988, Nixon never ranked lower than eighth in the […]

Did you realize that on Halloween night the contracts expired for both Dusty Bake and Astros GM James Click ? They both finished the World Series on the honor system, but it is sad to think that Owner Jim Crane let this happen. Things are even worse because after leading the team to two straight […]

A few teams from my own observation that have gotten a big dose of reality. We all know I hate the preseason polls and think teams should be ranked after week 3. The Fighting Texas A and M Aggies. They started out the season ranked number 6. As of tonight they are 3-7 and have […]

I came in to this hoping for the best. I thought it would be tight. I was wrong and I was right, so that is not half bad. I attended with two of my dearest friends and rabid sports fans. Nick and Paige. This young couple has a passion that I used to have for […]

I first met Tommy Martin in 2016, he gave seminars at my first ever fishing seminar series. We met again briefly in March of 2017 at the Classic, then I saw him weigh in later that year at the Bassmaster Arkansas River Open, followed by once or twice at Fun N Sun. I had heard […]

Going into tomorrow. what team fan base is more likely to take a swan dive off of Pikes Peak ? The Texas A and M Aggies or the Oklahoma Sooners ? LSU, you are a blocked point after from being undefeated. Brian Kelly, you have done very well so far in year one. Kansas and […]