Everyone knows College Football is a talking sport so lets do it.

1. Oregon. They score but they do not get enough credit for the speed and pressure on the defensive side of the ball. One should ask themselves how can they continue to be upstaged each week in the votes, when they are clearly a number 1 or 2. The argument is they have not played anyone. Well Not So Fast My Friends, as the great Lee Corso would say. Michigan who is now ranked number 22. And we know how I feel about preseason files, then you look at Arkansas, Western Kentucky, Ole Miss, Florida Atlantic . Missouri, and Tenn. and a fair question would be who have they played? Thats the problem with college football. One minute its the entire body of work, the next minute, its who did they lose to, and not what the body of work is. And guys like Kirk H. and others switch with the wind to give the big boys a shot and keep the little guys down.

2. Maryland quarterbacks. Has anyone outside of ACC people hear of this? They lose a starter to transfer, then the next 4 to injury, 3 of those being ACL’s. They are now on their 6th qb, and he is a freshman that was a linebacker just a week ago. To be 4-4 through this is a small miracle.

3. In the last week and a half I have seen SMU score a school record 72 points, and the first time since 1936 since they scored in the 60’s, and in Stillwater ,Ok. I have seen OSU score 36 unanswered on my TCU Horned Frogs. Both were great times, with great friends.

4. Auburn is turning out like I expected on this webpage just a couple of seasons ago. Gene C. is not a very good coach. He loaded up with a hoodlum, and a good coaching staff and now where is he? Gus, while I think he is overrated, is gone, some of the others are gone, and of course Cam is in the NFL playing the race card, when he messes up, he does not want to be accountable. See you around Gene C. because you are damn near out.

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