This will be brief and probably updated tomorrow, but look at this post as a news and notes.

Which team is Texas ? Are they A. in week two they play LSU tough and week 6 play OU tough. or are they B. A team that beat Kansas on a last second field goal then a week later went to Fort Worth and lost to Texas Christian University by 10, on what is an absolutely horrendous year for the Horned Frogs where I honest am not sure they are going to make a bowl game ?

Alabama , for all the love they get and I will give a disclaimer I hate the SEC as a whole. Who have they played ? When I looked at their schedule going into tonight, they had played one team that was ranked. and that was a number 24 Texas A and M team.

Iowa State, you finally got in the top 25, only to lose and I suspect will be right back out.

SMU , while not playing the best competition, they can only play what is on their schedule they beat UH the other night and should move up a little more from their spot at 16.

Michigan, I do not think they are bad, I just do not think they are that good and I think they benefit from being a blue blood and having a more famous than most coach. You lost to Wisconsin that got manhandled today. You lost to Penn State , who I believe is better than you also. You will lose to Notre Dame tonight I suspect, and based on what Ohio State did to Wisconsin, I would , sadly but not shockingly expect Ohio State makes you their bitch again. Funny a report mentioned early this week Has Harbaugh fired himself ? Even before bringing back I have said since last Nov. Dec. time frame, almost that same thing just with diff. phrasing. Michigan will not fire him but there has to be a point he throws in the towel and takes an NFL offer serious. The flip side of that coin is this, what have you seen the last few years that indicates he still “has it”m and has earned a $7 million dollar salary to lead your team ? And aside from the Cowboys let’s be honest most jobs in most sports open up because the teams are in bad shape. The Cowboys this offseason is an exception to the rule. The team, may not be the contender ownership and fans believe , but they are close. The next coach, whether that be Red Jesus with an extension or a brand new guy is walking into a good situation. But back to the subject at hand, if you leave Michigan , doing what he has done, is that a failure you look back on years later ? I say yes.

ASU I do not remember if mentioned last week , but sadly the nations longest touchdown street did end.

Auburn despite a loss to what I think may be the best team in the country, and a loss earlier to Florida, this is a good football team. While will never endorse a team that does not win their conf. for a playoff, I will not be shocked to see this team run the table through their bowl game.

I think we will know about Florida, when we see them against Ga. Are they the team that beat Auburn ? or at they the team that lost to LSU. Honestly those two examples are almost one in the same. Yes LSU beat the hell out of you. But as I have said I think very highly of LSU.

Notre Dame, I do not know enough about them or their schedule this year to speak.

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