LSU vs. Oklahoma intrigues me, My take is LSU you wins, they are playing all world right now, and I believe they will win it all.

Clemson and Ohio State, neither one of them got dealt a favor with this match up but this is why you play the game.

Ole’ Miss made a big splash with a big higher in Lane Kiffin. When Saban retires which realistically will be sooner than later. He is 68 and will be 69 half way through next season. When he retires the entire league will have a reset and look to a more normal league. No more Alabama and everyone else. You will still have have’s and have not’s. My take is upon this reset, provided he does not go to a better job that Kiffin will have them primed to be a serious SEC West team.

What I can say is Arkansas is blowing their coaching hire. You fire a coach, that I agree probably needed to go but I also am a believer that if you do not give a guy three full seasons , than you are really hurting your program by not giving the guy an honest chance to show what he can do. Either way in a year where there were not a lot of world beaters as coaching candidates, Mike Norvel is gone, Lane Kiffin is gone, Baylor is paying their coach more money and realistically has less stress to stay. Now Missouri is interested in a guy you are, and to say you are looking at B team coaches is an understatement. I could make the argument that outside of Kiffin and maybe Mike Norvel you are already looking at B team and C team coaches, so you are in a mess. You may promote from within, BLAH, you are looking at Butch Davis who at age 68 is no longer the great hire he was years ago. BLAH. I will say it right now, even if you give the next hire three seasons, you will be lucky to not be in the same spot you are now. I wrote a week or two ago to be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. I think Arkansas is in that spot.

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