I have not been on here in awhile. Probably mostly because it is sports driven and partly just that life has gotten in the way. So first a few updates on me followed by some of my award winning journalism.

Two weeks ago I was put on furlough. What is that ? in a nut shell is basically means I have been laid off without being laid off. Like millions of American’s I get my work benefits in the form of health coverage and have a job when and if my company comes back from this economic turmoil that the stupid plague has caused. I file for unemployment, had to defer some bills and just ride it out like everyone else. Not a lot a person can do but sit in a holding pattern. I have made the most of my time off by fishing everyday, taking some online Bass University classes and a few small home owners projects. I miss knowing when my money is coming in but certainly do not miss working for the man. I enjoy the freedom of being retired and know with zero doubt when my time comes in another 20 years I will really love it and enjoy it. While I err on the side of caution, I refuse to just sit home. I still go out to fish and things like that I just do it responsibly. I will not let the plague make me a prisoner.

Now some of my observations from early on during my furlough.
I find it amusing that the people so many people want to run out of the country are the very ones trying to keep the restaurant industry alive. Thank you to all the Hispanics, you work in the kitchens and your work is not gone unnoticed.
I find it amusing that the gyms are closed, Not for the normal people but for all the muscle heads that can barely spell and would never eat a cheeseburger. There is nothing wrong with a healthy lifestyle but if you are reading this I think you know who I am pointing out. There Valhalla is now being labeled a petri dish of disease and I find that quite amusing.
Too many people are not social distancing, and I find that unfortunate. If they do not live in your household stay the hell away. We have facetime, skype and some thing call Zoom, which I thought was my worm company. You do not need to be at your daughters house, you do not need to be at your sons house for dinner, stay the heck home. You are simply putting more people in danger.
Grocery stores, are the worst, You walk in and people everywhere, standing next to each other. Do you really need to have a family of five with two school age daughters and another not in school yet all shopping ? Hell no you do not.

Too many jobs are listed as essential and that is not helping the problem. I understand it is a double edge sword, I do not want people out of work but do you really need a million stores open ? Do you need all these fast food places open ? That reality is no you do not. In my small community do you need two autoparts stores open ? Nope
While I realize these are not popular opinions the reality is they are the right ones. If people do not take these steps then things will never get back to normal. And yes I realize when things get back we are already in for a new normal and I understand that.

For now I am signing off.

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