Fish are slowly working their way shallow over the last couple of weeks here in Texas, Right now they are still in a 16′ or deeper range. These are not in a set order but a few of my favorites include …

1. A spinnerbait. The one bait that is making a comeback the last couple of seasons thanks to MLF. It can thump, it can flash and the reality , especially around wood the damn thing catches them.
2. A crankbait, that covers the depth you are fishing in your area. Keep in mind in addition to lip size to control depth that you can use line size to control the depth.
3. A jerk bait or a fluke. I throw the fluke a little and honestly do not throw a jerkbait much out of my kayak, but it is a good fall bait if you find them.
4.Swimbait. A Baby Boom or the cigar style, on down to the finesse swimbaits. They just catch them and are enjoyable.
5. A stick worm like my favorite 5 3/8 ” BPS Stik-O
6. Any number of Topwaters. I prefer a two topwater system, one like say a Sexy Dawg Jr. as a search and for isolated targets a popper.

Of these 6, if I am honest I do not crank as much, and I do not throw the jerkbait or fluke a lot. But I do love a worm as you know, I love a spinnerbait , topwater bite and swimbait. If I am perfectly honest I have become a worm fishing with a baitcaster and topwater fishing aficionado the last couple of years and love them so much other baits get neglected.

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