Colorado, what can I say ? Had you asked me at 10 am , I said 3 wins, which were going to be CSU, Stanford, and one of the following three, OSU, Arizona or WSU.
Now I think they start out 3-0 and will be a top 15 ranked going into Oregon. Now I need to reevaluate. I can see them with 5-7 wins. I believe they beat Nebraska next week, I believe this because I am not sure the Cornhuskers can put up 30 plus to stay in the game.

TCU, you screwed me, I honestly felt by the end of the first this game was a coin flip and I was right.

I wont be going over all the games, just ones that catch my eye.

Baylor you shocked me.

Cal to Denton seems like a strange fit, as does Sam Houston State to BYU,

Vanderbilt is 2-0

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