Everyone know outside of the SEC that the Cowboys should be in the big game, here is why…

1. Body Of Work.
We Always hear how the Boise States and TCU’s of the world don’t play anyone. So if this is true, how come OSU played more ranked teams and yet is on the outside looking in? The BCS changed their philosophy to kiss the SEC’s ass that’s why.

2. Division
In the era of the super conference , wouldn’t you like to know your potential champion at minimum won his division ? Is that reasonable ? I think so.

3. Conference
In the era of the BCS, shouldn’t your potential champion have won his conference ? Is that reasonable ? I sure would like to think so.

4. Alabama had their chance. They did not get it done at home. The BCS is about keeping the little guy down. They do it with your TCU’s, and because OSU is not as sexy, they are kept down. This is a case of the haves and the have not’s. This would not have happened had it been OU, because it’s about sex appeal rather than strapping on a helmet and being a man.

Here’s a thought Alabama wins, who is your Champion? The BCS will say them, I bet the AP says LSU, they beat then once and should not have been asked to play them again. If it’s not going to be a best of 3, how can you justify anyone but OSU and LSU in the title game ?

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