For those of you that enjoy fishing history, especially bass fishing history. the last two Wednesdays have been good to you. has started what we can only hope will be an annual thing called Legends Month from Mid Nov. until Mid November they are having shows with Legends of the Sport. Giants of the Game Jimmy Houston kicked things off, talking about everything from personal marketing in an era when no one even thought of it, to his two AOY seasons, and what he does these days. Anyone that has every heard Jimmy speak, knows what an incredible story teller he is, and we all benefit from this.

The following week, we as fans were blessed with Denny Brauer. Another Mount Rushmore of fishing competitor, whose career included, and MLF victory, A Bassmaster Classic, and AOY in both BASS and FLW, and like Jimmy Houston , is in the Hall of Fame. Denny recounted his days fishing, his wins, his trips to NYC to be on David Letterman, the Wheaties box, and what is pretty much an untold story of being in an ally with Ozzy Osbourne flipping jigs. Ozzy trashed up the reel, he could not let go of the button on the reel, flipped the jig onto the limo putting a big dent on it, and could not understand a word Ozzy said. Yes you are reading this correctly Ozzy was taught to flip and cast by Denny Brauer. These days Denny enjoys retirement with his wife on Lake Amistad and makes big hunting trips throughout the United States , while fishing Monday through Friday.

As if having these two was not enough, on another podcast, Bass Talk Live, had The General Larry Nixon on it. They talked then now, worms, what he will do in the future, how things have been going etc. Regarded as possibly the greatest worm fisherman ever,

I do not want to go in to too many details because the point remains the same, you should give them a listen, you will enjoy it if you enjoy the history.

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