Here is a Top 10 list, but keep in mind a couple of things, first this is not a ranking, it simply me arbitrarily thinking of 10 Bass Universities that either I watched a lot or had a big impact on my 2019. Also please keep in mind I tried to lean towards newer or new to me, so that is not to say that something I did not list from say 2017 was still not an awesome class. It is simply saying I was ranking / listing out new classes that I enjoyed. Also I will not give out the juice, I will simply hit a highlight or two. I encourage you to go watch and decide for yourself. I think if you watch them you will be happy, I know that you will learn and I know you will improve if you pay attention, take notes, and put into play.

1. Bryan Thrift Tournament Winning Brush Fishing
I cannot say enough about how great this class is. He gives the baits, he gives the details, he gives the whole damn system. If you like to cover water, if you like brush fishing, and if you use this system, you will be better for it. I cannot say enough about it.

2, Gerald Swindle, How to fish for Bass on ledges
Late to my viewing pleasure but a stone cold great class. I had not heard of it until I was heading two and from Thanksgiving, Class is wonderful from a guy that would prefer to go shallow. This is what makes it impressive. He prefers shallow but if he has to go deep to be competitive he damn sure well. Again, he gives his system, his baits in order of use and effectiveness and some quick tips to make you a better offshore fisherman. I will be listening again in depth.

3. Mark Davis on Deep Water Structure
While not as much detail as I like , I can honestly say I learned and listened as much as any class ever. One of my favorite tips was about how to find cover, what bait to start with, and most important an approach to electronics that is a little more old school, but it sure must work, he did not get in the Hall of Fame for nothing. Well regarded and thought of as one of the great offshore guys ever I hope BU has him back again. In a perfect world I know the two classes I would like to hear him talk about, but those are for me to know.

4. Ish Monroe Advanced Frogging.
One of the top four froggers in the world lays out his details on how he does it, what equipment and what he looks for. He believes in two things more than anything, and they are one in the same, smash mouth fishing. He is going to punch, he is going to flip and pitch and he is going to frog. He is a big weights, big big rods, hand to hand combat kind of angler and it shows in his instruction.

5. Jeff Kriet Win Cold Water Bass Tournaments
Everyone that knows me knows I am a Kriet disciple and as of 2019 I am a huge worm disciple, especially with Texas Rigged Worms, not just finesse. Jeff is a big reason for that, and would go down as one of three huge influences on my newly adopted 2019 style. .
But enough of that. The class had a big impact on me in 2018 and possibly a bigger impact for 2019. he gives you four or five baits, he gives you the techniques to use these baits, he gives you real life scenarios, and most important installs an attitude you need to have to get the job done. I can tell you this, the things mentioned above work and I have the skins on the wall to prove it. #squirreldisciple

6. Justin Kimmel Winning as a Co Angler.
While not a traditional class in this interview setting , The Professional Fishhead , gives his keys to success that have led to a nice amount of winnings, boats and a great life from the back of the boat. He lists off do’s , don’ts , tips that he always does, how not to over pack but still pack enough and an attitude you need to get the job done. I can say this, I would have told you a lot of being a Co was about having a good angler in front, and while that is partially true, it is not totally true and this interview topic really opened my eyes.

7. Jeff Kriet on Suspended Bass I could name all four of his classes and I would not be short changing you, but this is not a Jeff Kriet Kicks Ass topic, it is for classes that I enjoyed in 2019 and think you would to.
Again Jeff gives baits, real life scenarios and the thought process needed for catching wha tis really one of the harder things to do. As he points out in the seminar giving you the juice, you are fishing for a goofy fish, if he was not goofy he would not be suspended.

8. Jamie Hartman Offshore Structure fishing and Sonar Electronics.
A great class that I need to watch more. He is not a big crankbait guy so this is somewhat of an old school approach to stick fish and land the damn things. He gives the why ,and the win to fish for them, catch them and most important get them in the boat, whether it be for the livewll or a quick selfie before returning to Mother Nature.

9. Charlie Hartley on Fishing Pressured Tournament Waters
This is a Classic and this is a gem. I could leave it at that but growing up in Ohio that waters were the ultimate in stingy, and when you found a spot you had to soak it. Charlie tells you baits that historically have done well for him, what you need to look for and most important the mindset and attitude needed to prevail.

10. Dave Mansue Period. Dave had a class or two and interview or two and a handful of on the water tips and segments that everyone needs to watch. These are not world beaters, you are not going to be blown away like say James Watson on Topwater from the 2017 Bass University, but these are simple tips and fundamentals that we all may know but need to be reinforced. Some of you may not know , some are just good thoughts, strategies and again reinforcement. Being good at anything begins with fundamentals. Dribbling, passing, handing off a baton, casting, flipping, what bait for low visibilty, which bait for clear or bright day,. My point is this fundamentals matter and in each of his instructions you learn those, and it is positive reinforcement going forward.

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