Charlie Strong was fired this morning from South Florida after going 21-16 in three seasons. Yes he had an 11-14 record the last two, but how crazy have things gotten when you are freaking SOUTH FLORIDA and you move a coach with a winning record ?

Earlier this year, while I thought he probably needed to go FSU let their coach go without even two full seasons.

Chad Morris gets fired after less than 3 in Arkansas. Yes as a whole this was probably a good move but as a whole I am just not sure.

Yes you are paying big bucks, yes you you want some ROI, but no matter how bad, under 2 seasons is not the answer.

Several years ago Nebraska fired long time Tom Osborne Asst. Frank Solich. His crime ? He went 9-3.
Same school a few seasons later hires Bo Pelini he wins 10 three times , wins 9 four times and gets fired. Since you fired him at the end of 2014, you have had 1 winning season. A friend of mine is 22 , he has not seen a meaning Nebraska Oklahoma game. A combination of leaving the Big 12 and bad play. You would reasonably have to go back to when he was in 8th grade. He has a college diploma now, a good job, a great girlfriend and lives in the suburbs of a great sports town now.

It is comical because here is one for you, not counting his half season where he went 5-3 and an interm, after 5 seasons Jason Garrett was exactly .500. Count the 5 and three and if that one win was a loss over those 8 his 5.5 year mark would be .500 and now all these seasons later he has a job.

Then one while several years ago is worth noting. Larry Coker at Miami. 6 seasons, 1 title, one bad call on the final play from another title, 60-15 overall. The last 6 seasons Miami is 46-31, and has won 10 or more once, Larry did it 3 times in his first 3 years. His remaining 3 seasons, 9-3,9-3 and 7-6.

My point being this, you owe it to everyone to ditch this win at all costs now mentality, What was once an attitude for elites like say an Alabama or a Nebraska, and I could make their argument they were wrong is now leaking down to never will be’s like freaking South Florida and that is a shame. Be careful what you wish for because you might just get karma instead. Bam !

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