For those of you that did not realize it , last month I had my annual pilgrimage to Tulsa for the one and only Bass University. Lot’s of learning, story telling, motivation and camaraderie. I had a steller lineup including Ish Monroe, Jaime The Hammer Hartman , and Jason Christie. Also on tap were past winners Wesley Strader, Stetson Blaylock and Grass Wizard J.T. Kenney.

As many of you know Ish is one of my absolute favorites and you always know what you will get with his classes. High energy, lots of knowledge and smash mouth power fishing. I teased him and said “No one pays money to hear Ish on spinning rods.” He talked about sight fishing and power fishing in the pre spawn and he kicked butt. As many of you know I was a big fan of his dock class at Christmas time. It showed all sorts of new ideas / perspectives to make it enjoyable. His two classes this year were no different. He took you step by step, on what bait, when ? , what area, when ? And I cannot say enough good things about it.

Another noted shallow water guy is Jason Christie and we heard about his specialty in spinnerbaits and super shallow in hot water. He took you through the seasons which is always a favorite of mine and broke down what to look for and key baits for each season.

Two time 2019 winner Jaime Hartman showed us a couple of the reasons he is The Hammer. He spoke on a tournament strategy and topwater by season, baits and variables. Great guy on a side note, you all know I am a kayak guy and a shallow water guy. One of my goals this year is mid depth and deeper water, at least the shallow side of deep, say 16 foot or so. If you have not watched his award winning class on offshore, you owe it to yourself to. It is that freaking awesome. He is a hell of a nice guy, and do not be surprised what so ever if in 2 weeks he is your Classic Champion. While it was a different season, he just won on Guntersville and he puts a lot of effort in for a 47 year old guy when it comes to electronics

Stay tuned to hear about the other three in a very near future post

The Hammer and The Burgerboy


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