I think zero week is total crap. Back 30 years ago it was something to look forward to. You could have a Pigskin Classic in New Jersey featuring say Texas A and M vs. Florida State, something you would likely never see and really kick off the season. Now with the advent that I am very much against in the Super Conference, you get matchups that are snooze fests like Hawaii vs. Vanderbilt. You also need to call it what is is , Week 1. I will also say this on a sidebar, I hate preseason rankings well all know that, and if you ask me why I will gladly tell you. I think the rankings should be fluid so in this bogus week of college football the best team of the ones playing should be your number 1 team in the land. How can a Georgia or Alabama be better than a Vanderbilt when Vanderbilt is 1-0 ?

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